About Us

Home And Garden Easy is a small Home Remodeling and Design Company owned and run by the family. After three generations of proper handling, we have extended but still with the same knowledge and hard work that our great old ancestors have bestowed in the business. Thus, we are confident that the service we have been giving years ago didn’t change at all; it does get better and better as the time passes by. That’s also the reason why our patrons and loyal clients never leave us and even share the word to their younger generations as well. And that’s how we do our business; we earn our name not with expensive advertisements but with recommendations and steady word-of-the-mouth.

Few decades ago, the company began with masonry then as years go, we have extended to home exteriors, interiors, designing and finally, everything under the Home Remodeling industry. We have focused on improving services that we can offer and cater to everyone – just for us to help you with all your home remodeling needs.

Why us?

Home And Garden Easy is a relatively small company but that doesn’t mean that what we can give is limited. What’s enormous with companies like us is that you’ll surely get to know everybody. No instances of some nameless persons roaming around your home. And with this, we were able to establish a closer relationship with the clients. Thus, it helps us provide a more cozy service to them, we are comfortable to be with them along the way and the client surely feels the same way. From the concept up to the final inspection, proper communication between us and the client is highly established and the result will surely please anybody.

Our Team

Home And Garden Easy are meant to give the best journey of home remodeling to everyone who needs it. That’s why we gathered the best team together that everybody will surely love. Everybody from our architects, engineers and up to the builders give their 100% time and energy to deliver high-class quality services to all our clients. We do this while being courteous and hardworking. Also, we hate being stagnant, that’s why we always try to learn more things and continuously improve ourselves plus our services to provide more and better all the time.

If you want a contractor that will treat your project a top priority from beginning to end then call us now! We would surely work as a great team together! Shoot us an email or phone us, your choice. We would love to hear from you!