What Oil stains Concrete Cleaner to Try?

Concrete is considered as one of the toughest surfaces but because it’s porous, it’s more prone to stains and dirt. Most of the stains and spots can be easily treated and tidied but that is if you know the right thing to do it. Usually, when the stains were made by oils and greases, you’ll probably need a thorough cleaning method or else, the stains will remain forever. It’s a bit odd, isn’t it? Especially if you’re the kind of person who’s keen to everything that’s white, clean and clear. So if you got stains issues on your patios, driveways and any other concrete surfaces, here are some of the ways on how you could possibly deal with them.

The most common stains on our concrete were made by heavy oils and in able to remove them one must use mineral-based thinners to break down the oil the scrub it off to let the thinner work on the stain. After scrubbing, you may use absorbent substances such as kitty litter and sawdust. Leave it overnight then sweep it the next day. You’ll notice a great difference, for sure!

If you prefer a simpler and the more conventional way then better deal with the stains using the laundry detergent. Dilute it in water and pour on the stained concrete surfaces the start scrubbing to take off all those nasty and ugly oil stains. For tougher stains, you could also use muriatic acid but let me tell you that’s more dangerous to try.

You can make use of so many ways in cleaning oil stains on concrete. Nowadays, they made of those commercial concrete cleaners but the question is “Are they safe and effective?” If you want to avoid the scrubbing and prefer an effortless aid then all you need is the newest Bioremediation Oil stain concrete cleaner. It’s dry so it’s less messy and easier to manage. Plus it contains oil-eating microorganisms so for sure, you’ll get off those oil stains in a snap. No more scrubbing and sweeping. Just pour and you’re done, the microbes will handle all the cleaning jobs for you. Amazing? Absolutely, yes! One of the most brilliant inventions of all time is this dry concrete cleaner.